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Office Management

We support you, your staff, and your overall practice. From Human Resources to billing. Allowing you to focus on your clients.


Marketing & Advertising

Our dedicated technical and marketing staff manage your advertising needs. We bring the clients to you.


Networking Solutions

We plug our attorneys into an inhouse network of business professionals and clients to cross market.


Research & Analytics

We gather, track, and analyze your data. Allowing us to increase your pull through ratios and yearly revenue to your practice.


Made for lawyers. Made by lawyers. We have the tools to grow your practice.

How MAAT Legal Manages Your Practice

We handle every aspect of your firms Operational and Marketing needs. We support necessities such as Human Resources, Client Traffic to your Website, Accounts Payable & Receivable, and Networking. MAAT Legal provides you with the peace of mind and support you need. Finally, you can go back to being an attorney again.

Knowing You & Your Practice

MAAT Legal spends time to get to know you and your practice on a personal level. We tackle issues such as in house operations and staffing, billing, collection needs, technical support, marketing, and office management. You and your MAAT Legal Team Leader will work together to identify areas that require additional support.

Research & Data Analysis

MAAT Legal knows that new clients are imperative to the financial growth of your practice. Even more important is the task of supporting the needs of your current clients. There are only so many hours in a day, and your budget can only afford so much in office support. MAAT Legal is the answer. Our in house technical team works hand in hand with our advertising departments. Your MAAT Legal Rep will assist you with your day to day needs of billing and operational duties while our team of marketing gurus and technicians handle your website, online pressense and client traffic. Brining new business to you while you manage the clients you already have.

Increase Productivity & Profits

MAAT Legal gets your practice back on track. We support your operational and marketing needs so that you can effetivley manage your firm. The average cost of marketing and website management is $20,000 dollars per yer. That is without adding any additional paid adds such as Google Adwords or Yelp Ads. One qualified paralegal can also run you over $100,000 + per year in salary and bennifits. MAAT Legal gives you the ablility to operate as a BIG firm while keeping your costs below an average single practice budget.

Support. Growth. Opprotunity.

How We Can Help Grow Your Law Practice

MAAT Legal was built for attorneys, by attorneys. We understand that opening your doors to your law practice was a joyful moment. Getting clients to walk through the door who are ready, willing, and able to retian your services however is another story. In order for anything to grow it requires support, nurturing, and guidence. The same goes for your firm. However, the costs associated with operating a legal practice can become financially overwhelming. MAAT Legal takes all of the operaitional, accounting, advertising, and support systems you require and rolls them into one package. Simplyfing and streamlining your process. This saves you time and money. MAAT Legal increases your law firms bottom line.


Stop trying to grow and start networking today. Call us for a free consultation. Come see why so many attorneys coast to coast are relying upon MAAT Legal for their operational and marketing needs. Make this year the year you finally grow your practice the way you have always wanted.


See Why Attorneys Are Turning to MAAT Legal

Increase your yearly revenue. Decrease your overhead. Get the freedom you deserve to work and play.

Managing a practice with multiple verticals of law is a daunting task within itself. Adding to the complexity, and cost, is the fact that my firm is located in San Diego. Competition is everywhere. My PPC Budget alone was running $3,000 dollars a month and I was getting no where. Since merging with MAAT Legal my total overhead has dropped and most importantly, my business has increased. I have more time to spend with my family and my overall stress level has decreased. MAAT Legal was a great fit. I feel that I now have all of the tools and support of a large firm without the costs associated with it.

Ben E. Embry


Big Business Small Budget

We provide the tools the larger firms have without the big budget. 

Support Around The Clock

We handle multiple aspects of your practice management needs.

Technology & Marketing

We manage your website and online pressence, brining the clients to you.

Security & Asset Management

We provide a secure source for billing, collections, and asset management. 

Locations Coast to Coast

We have the tools to support offices nation wide. 

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